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Guild Message of the Day - May 22nd
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Our World Now News

By: Malkie - December 26th

Cataclysm is here ...

Seeing most people are now leveling their toon we will be running 5 man raids on sunday till we can run the heroics. At some time watch your calendar in game for the next attempt to kill Arthas.

September 10th

Lets Go For it!

Our World Now is going to put a solid push to kill the Lich King! It has been a while we keep playing around in ICC and I know we are a Casual Raiding guild but I think it is time that we are going to put a solid effort into killing Arthas! Beginning this Sunday we will be locking the Raid so we can continue the following week. It will be hard it will be tough but we do not have much time left before Cataclysm comes out. If you need some motivation here are a couple links from a guild that completed it and created a video out of it.

Argent Crusade - ICC - Lich King

July 19th

Walking in the Dream World!

Own keeps marching thru ICC and after putting our OWN flag on the Profs head once again we marched to free Valithria Dreamwalker.


This is a little different of a fight as the target of the fight is to heal the Green Dragon instead of taking down a boss. The DPS of the group is keeping adds off of the healers and staying alive. The real skill is how well  and fast the healers can revive the Valithria. It took a couple tries and in the cusp of a wipe the dragon was healed.


Thanks to the spectacular healers we always knew we had the best healers on the server!


ICC Raiding Forum has been updated with the Frost Wing Halls and the Crimson Hall, please read up!


Great Job Everyone! -- LINK - ICC RAIDING FORUM

July 6th

The Plague Is Over!

For all those with us last night my sincere gratitude and patience goes out to all of you. It has been a long tough road but finally with owning Professor Putricide we have completed the plague works.


That does not mean we will not be going there, we have to mine all the goodies form the bosses still. I know a tauren that needs some shammy gear from a few of the bosses.


In the upcoming days I will update the ICC raiding forum with the next couple wings, please read up


My special thanks goes out to Kem, the new tactic on Professor Putricide worked awesome. Once again thanks to everyone for their patience in sticking with it and all the time and effort you put into that accomplishment last night.


Great Job Everyone! -- LINK - ICC RAIDING FORUM

July 1st

New Cataclysm New!!

I just saw a flurry of news about the upcoming changes in Cataclysm. Here are some of the major links:


Cataclysm Beta: New skills, spells, and talents

Cataclysm Beta: Guild perks

Cataclysm Beta: Professions and trade skills


Check out the new world ... Our World Now!

June 25th


Vilda and I are moving out of our place on June 29th. We may not have a place to live until July 16th, so our WOW time may be sporatic at best. Sorry folks. We'll be back in action as soon as we can. Good luck to you all.


June 23rd

Blizzard has increased the Icecrown Citadel raid buff to 25%.

Ok people, this sunday, lets kick the Profs butt!!!

BTW don't forget to sign up for the raid in the calendar section.

June 8th

Proudmore Pride

Hi Fellow Guildies,

We as a guild are going to be in the Proudmore Pride Parade this year in support of all of our friends in Taint.

The theme this year is Studio 54. Please see attached link to the website:

Since this is our first year in the parade I would like a big OWN turnout.  The date is Saturday June 19th and it is at 12noon server time.

I will be registering a float for Our World Now. I am still toying with some ideas. So if you have any please let me know ASAP as all ideas will be considered.

Thank you -Vilda

June 7th

A great post for anyone thinking of healing


1. No, you didn't have lag -- accept responsibility.

2. Be critically positive.

3. Mistakes = Opportunities.


May 14th

Boom de Yada!!

OK People, can you sing along? No this is not a sing along contest this is just a you tube video to make the inner geek in all of us to smile and laugh.

  • Malkie: Ok I gotta know what is the being that says "I hate the old world"
  • Durgar: C'Thun in Sillithus. :)

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